Friday, December 9, 2016

Little Jayte 2011-2012

I won't ever be able to completely catch up, but telling stories...that I can do. when Jayte was little, we had many family members tells us that Grandpa Holt and Jayte looked exactly alike. His baby pictures may show some signs, but his photos from 4 and 5years definitely don't. He was big from the beginning, and has been off the charts large since. Surprisingly, he has actually shown to have a much bigger heart. He would literally snuggle all day long if he could. I recall that when we transitioned him to a crib at about 6 months, we gave him a teddy bear that was about his same size. He just snuggled that bear every night, it was so ridiculously adorable. I have been so impressed with his love for his big brother Jaxson. He looks up to him and caught on so fast to everything because Jaxson was doing it. Potty training was a sinch because he watched his brother and daddy, playing with a ball, changing his clothes, picking up utensils and eating, playing and screaming....he just loves his big brother. I'm so grateful for his presence in our family. When he joined us, our family felt.more like a complete family. His personality is hilarious, his middle name really suits him (Kentaro=Stout and Sharp), he puts a smile to my face constantly. I can't believe Heavenly Father thought I was worthy to be his Mom.