Friday, December 9, 2016

Little Jayte 2011-2012

I won't ever be able to completely catch up, but telling stories...that I can do. when Jayte was little, we had many family members tells us that Grandpa Holt and Jayte looked exactly alike. His baby pictures may show some signs, but his photos from 4 and 5years definitely don't. He was big from the beginning, and has been off the charts large since. Surprisingly, he has actually shown to have a much bigger heart. He would literally snuggle all day long if he could. I recall that when we transitioned him to a crib at about 6 months, we gave him a teddy bear that was about his same size. He just snuggled that bear every night, it was so ridiculously adorable. I have been so impressed with his love for his big brother Jaxson. He looks up to him and caught on so fast to everything because Jaxson was doing it. Potty training was a sinch because he watched his brother and daddy, playing with a ball, changing his clothes, picking up utensils and eating, playing and screaming....he just loves his big brother. I'm so grateful for his presence in our family. When he joined us, our family felt.more like a complete family. His personality is hilarious, his middle name really suits him (Kentaro=Stout and Sharp), he puts a smile to my face constantly. I can't believe Heavenly Father thought I was worthy to be his Mom.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jayte Kentaro Holt

Jayte Kentaro Holt
Mom was teaching the week before and decided that the 24th would be the last day to teach. That worked out just perfectly since that morning we went to the doc and found out I was dilated and in labor. We had enough time to grab a bag at home and head to the hospital. I had an epidural right away and a couple hrs later I pushed for less than 3 minutes and out came our little Jayte. I don't think anything could have gone more smoothly.
He got a 10 on his Apgar score! He was a super healthy and big boy at a whopping 10lbs! His middle name came to us after he was born and it was so obvious when we found out the meaning. It means healthy sharp and stout boy! The name fits him perfectly. We came up with Jayte by playing with names, Jacque and Nate together make Jayte. Of course it was a joke at first but we kinda liked it and went with it. 
Dr. Stratford was amazing, the delivery went so smoothly. The experience was so much more comfortable than our first delivery in Orem. 
Jaxson gave Jayte a toy car for a present to welcome him to the earth! He was super excited to have a new baby brother to play with. He was beyond ready! Mom and dad were ready to get back home too. We left the hospital after 24 hrs so we could sleep in our own bed. Jaxson got to spend the night with grandma and grandpa for a couple days. 
We're so blessed to have our new big guy to join our family. He's been the biggest joy in our lives. We love you Jayte!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It Begins...

Just updating my crazy life...
Volleyball started last week, the team is great, and not very dedicated at the same time so we'll have to work hard to change that. For some reason that is causing me the most stress out of everything on my plate right now! Don't know why...especially since it should be most fun out of everything.
Baby Jayte is growing HUGE!! I am only 29 weeks right now supposedly and almost as big as I was with Jaxson when I delivered. I remember a t-shirt I wore the night before we had Jaxson that I put on the other day and it was kinda tight!! What's that all about?? The doc did say that I was measuring big so I do get to have another ultrasound in a couple weeks to find out if I'm further along than I thought. Either way, this is going to be one big baby! Nate was a 10 lb baby and I'm sure if I wasn't a twin I'd be big too, so genetically, that's what's been dealt to us. Boys should be big though, we want football and basketball players in our fam, so I guess I shouldn't complain. We are excited for Jayte to have several cousins coming as well this year and the beginning of next year. Chanda and Cory are scheduled Sept. 1 with their surprise boy, hope everything goes well with them, they have had a lot of problems so far, and the baby's heart is stopping in the stress tests, so we're praying for them. They are moving into their new house at the same time, talk about stress! Matt and Cristyn are due the beginning of Oct with their first boy. They are thinking of the name Jet for their boy, I think that is so cute, and pretty close to Jayte, they'll be best buds since Nate and Matt were so close growing up. People might think they are twins, jk. Jayte is kicking a ton and healthy so we're excited for him to come. Jaxson is fully understanding the whole baby thing and is excited for his baby brother to come too. He hugs my belly all the time after I come home. He gives me a hug first, then says "I want to give baby Jayte a hug too!" SOOO cute. I think he'll be a good big brother, but of course will have a hard time sharing stuff and my time for a while. I'm finally getting excited for the baby as well, it's about time! I even made a baby blanket for Jayte, and I'm not a sewer at all, can't do much, but I decided to figure it out on my own, and it wasn't too bad at all. My mom helped me finish it, but I did quite a bit. Kim threw a baby shower for the girls on my side of the family having babies and it was SO fun. She decked out the decor with the pea in a pod theme, and green food all around. Natalie is due at the beginning of Jan, and Danielle is due Jan 23. They both will find out what they are having later this month, I think they are both having girls, but we shall see. Nat already has her room painted with full on trees on the wall, so if that baby comes early at all she'll be ready haha.
Nate got home from Paris France just before the reunion on the 24th of july, it is so good to have him back. 2 months is a long time for your hubby to be gone being pregnant with one child as well. But I can't complain too much, there are a ton of strong ladies who's husbands have to go to war for much longer. That would kill me, so I commend those gals, especially my sister-in-law Heidi who actually did go through that a few years back. Nate had a really good time, made some good friends, traveled to places that are totally out of this world! And got an awesome degree out of it. He is amazing. Now the job hunt is on, he's had one interview, and was able to go back to Wells Fargo to work part-time which is a huge blessing, so if there are no bites for Nate, at least he can try to work his way up in the bank. He's searching like crazy and is stressed about it, but I know the Lord will lead us to where we're supposed to be.
Right now I think me working part-time at Desert Hills High is a huge blessing, Nate and I both feel like we're both contributing to school loans and can work things out with this new baby coming and be close to family at the same time. Things are good...Hard...but good. I've already broken down this week because of the stress, so a couple more months of it while being prego will be tough for me, but just gotta take it a day at a time.
Some positive things and the things that keep me going are about Jaxson...he POTTY TRAINED!! what better timing, than right before school starting and before this baby comes!! No more diapers yay! Except for night time prob. No one can prepare you for how awesome that is when a kid decides to do that on their own.
He's also been saying some adorable things lately, and because I didn't write them down I don't remember off the top of my head. Blame my prego brain, or just my brain in general. He's so extremely nice to people and wants to talk to everyone though and is getting so smart. It's fun to see him progress and grow up. I love being with him, he makes me proud every day. Which makes me really excited for this new baby, although I have doubts about loving him as much as I do Jaxson, I think my heart will just expand, and I won't have to share the love, it will be equal.

So although I'm stressed with a lot of things to do these next couple months, there's a lot of great things coming and happening. We are truly blessed. Wish me luck tho cause I'm gonna need it....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jaxson's Bike Scare

Jaxson had a scary experience on our first long bike ride. Inevitably we had to go down a hill sometime so we went over the whole brakes thing several times and it seemed like he understood and did well when he practiced. So we took off slowly, well... me, never doing this whole teaching a kid to ride a bike thing before, started off on my bike to the side of him...(STUPID STUPID) and he went faster than I expected. We started on the road so there weren't any sidewalk biffs, and he went straight onto the sidewalk. He was going so fast, but he went up a driveway so I thought he'd stop then because the fast hill kinda scared him. Well he didn't stop, he turned to go DOWN the sidewalk, and then totally forgot how to use his brakes and tried to put his foot on the ground but the seat was too high to stop him, so he just took off. Luckily he was a good steer otherwise he would have fell off the sidewalk for sure and hit his head or scraped himself up pretty bad. I had to get off my bike and chase him to stop him, there was no other option for me because he took off fast and in front of me. But me as a parent failed AGAIN! haha because in this case I didn't think it out before to make sure it was safe. Man he was SOOO terrified, he was shaking. and we went over the brakes again, he didn't even want to go fast on the straight road. He said over and over how I taught him the brake "Pedal Pedal Stop", it was kinda funny, but it took like 45 minutes to get back home with how slow he was going. But since then he's been on his bike several times with his cousins, but stayed away from the hills for sure.
He loves his new bike though for sure.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Latest Family Pics- May 2011
LOVE these guys, we just don't see enough of you all, we had so much fun!

Fresh Start

It's time I started my blog up again, it's time for a fresh start :)

So many things have happened in the last year, but here's a few of the big ones.
Catching up will be impossible, but I'll do my best.

Finished my first season as head volleyball coach at Canyon View High
Started coaching for Color Country Club in Cedar City and we just finished the season
I finished my student teaching at Canyon View High with Coach Jacobsen
I graduated with my Bachelors in December FINALLY!
Nate finished his bachelors in Business Management AND started his masters in the fall and finished in the spring with his MBA
He also left just a few days ago to start a second MBA in Paris at INSEEC for an international business degree

We decided to move to St. George in January which has been a great move
Nate started a job at Wells Fargo
I started working as a PE assistant for elementary schools and just finished the school year
I got a part-time Health position at Desert Hills High School and start in the Fall
I'm still coaching for Canyon View High in the fall as well which will work out fine I think but will have to travel everyday to Cedar for a couple months

Amy and James had an Engagement party last weekend and we got to bachelorette it up in Vegas at the Spa and such
The great thing about that party was that the whole bair family was there dancing and talking and eating. It's been a long time since we've been together, we got some great pics that I'll post. Jaxson was a dancing FOOL at the party, total life of the party that kid, along with his cousin Jaden.

We found out in February that we are PREGNANT with our 2nd, due the end of OCT
We found out again just last tuesday that its another BOY!! and we're very excited.
Jaxson is a growing boy, tallest in his preschool class!
Preschool has helped him tremendously with his speech and is so fun to talk to now!
You can tell he is the only child though, has to have everything his way, but his new baby brother will put him in his place pretty fast :)
He is really getting to understand the whole concept of a baby brother coming especially since he saw the ultrasound, although he wanted a baby sister

Now I need to track the baby's progress as well as keep this for journal purposes since I do so bad at that. I have more motivation to keep up with this now that our next baby is on it's way and we're finally entering the next chapter of our life that includes no more college! YAY!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Game Night

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bramwell Family Reunion

We're tired!!! and going home...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer has officially started!!!! for us at least...

absolutely ADORABLE! daddy and jaxson...We had so much fun at the Wash. pool. Jaxson is absolutely Fearless! Which scares the crap out of me, but eventually he'll learn. We're SO glad summer is here finally! We had way too many snow days.Jaxson was kinda mean with this water shooter, he would shoot anyone who came near him, he thought it was so funny...He must be a bully at heart, that little stinker. He rides the slides like a champ though! I remember when he hated water in his face, and now he LOVEs it.The big bucket at the top dumps down on top of everyone every couple minutes, he tries to avoid it, but this time he got caught in it! haha!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our recent snowboarding trip...i'm officially out of shape. I can only go half a day and be pooped.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Am I ever going to update??

I started to make my blog into a book, and I thought I was going to have it done earlier so I could get going on updating our family's life! But of course i got caught up with everything going on in my crazy life!!!

-got the head coaching job at Canyon View

-started private lessons with the girls and trying to get camps, schedules, budgets, and whatever else the job intels all together and ready

-school (period)

-Nate's busy with all his business clubs and school so we never see each other

-Nate turned 25 a couple weeks ago!! and I'll be 27 in a week (uhgg!)

-Coaching a club team in St. George two days a week for SUVA, and tournaments (meaning lots of gas is used up)

-Two callings in church...RS teacher and Girls Camp director! Busy callings!

-and I just started POTTY TRAINING Jaxson...which most of you know that that task alone takes all your time!!

**I guess I didn't really say much positive stuff...
we're almost done with school, and nate passed his GRE with flying colors and we're planning on going to France for his accelerated International Business degree next summer. And we probably are going on a cruise this summer that my sister is the singer on, to Alaska! We're just hoping our tax return will pay for it all, haha.
And of course Jaxson is absolutely ADORABLE...even though he's a stinker in the terrible two's right now. Just absolutely love the kid, he's just the APPLE IN MY EYE!

Time for another one?? what do you think?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover!!

Okay well maybe it wasn't that extreme... But Nate and I decided to makeover my parents front room for christmas that was in desperate need of it. We had fun and it is definitely a change for the better!!

Before....In the process...
We haven't figured out what we want to do for furniture yet, so it's just a slip cover for now, and we will probably paint to book case too. But I think it's a great change! My mom said when she was packing up the place before we started, she couldn't believe how much odd things she put together for decoration before. Now it's gorgeous!!

Family wall...
This is the coffee table that we painted and treated. That was a fun project. Below is the mantle that we did the same to. It's not a professional job for sure, but it looks great and it was good to get the experience!

One other thing is that the carpet for sure needs to go! but when my parents get extra money we'll do that, and heck, we'll probably knock some walls down as well!!
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! It was fun, and hope you love your new room!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Pics...

I feel bad...Our friend Ashley took two months ago, and I still haven't posted them!! What a slacker. Anyway, I just LOVE the way they turned out. Ashley did such an amazing job! And she's cheap!
Jaxson was just mauling me with kisses...oh it was SO fun, he was so happy, but would not sit still for pictures. I'm fine with it though because we got some fabulous action shots!!

Blowing kisses to the camera! (aren't my boys handsome??)

This is one of my favorites...
Jaxson is just grooming daddy's scalp! haha he's such a monkey!

"One, Two....THREE!"

Jaxson's hands are placed perfectly in this one...we didn't even touch him, he did it on his own. I love it!!

Daddy's showing Jaxson how to fish!!
This could be an engagement picture...hehe, I just think it's funny
Playing in the leaves!! We had SO much fun

I lost my camera's battery charger, and so if anyone from the christmas party or thanksgiving will post some pics for me so I can have them...I would LOVE that!
Hope you all had a great Holiday!! We sure did!!